Now that’s a question to which everyone’s eyes should be on, but they aren’t. Why? Well…not everyone cares enough to have the knowledge about the latest and oldest smartphone, and, to add to that, many people simply have too much cash to burn frankly speaking.  The best part about all this is, that me being the tech geek I am, that makes me a good candidate to have a cack at this, though, mind you 3 years ago, this question would have been a crime to ask. However, in these past years, the lower priced smartphones have taken astounding leaps, plain and simple.

To kick off things, in most cases, yes, the higher priced smartphone still reigns supreme absolutely, not by a long shot though, but by a clear cut ever so slowly blurring line. This is due to the obvious fact that the higher priced phone hits every desired feature fully, no cuts taken, and overall, it’s performance, albeit matched by a lower priced phone in certain departments, is present throughout all its experience. 

Fact of the matter for most of us is, no, the highest priced ones aren’t always the best bang for the buck. This is simply due to the brand value, the Galaxy S20 Ultra isn’t leaps and bounds better than even the Galaxy S8 (except camera, the performance won’t be felt by a non gamer), the same can be said for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, it is certainly not a decade apart in terms of its performance compared to the iPhone 8 (except the camera again, and the performance will not be felt by the non gamer). Many phones in this day and age between 600$ to 800$ can give you even slightly better performance than the latest phones in certain departments. Take the LG V60 for example, it isn’t the most expensive, but man does it not pack a punch? Or just go and buy the Galaxy S9 now, you won’t go wrong.

 To epitomize this little discussion, listen, if you got enough money to burn, then buy the most expensive phone. Now if you don’t have that money, at least you will get the right thing for the right price. The higher end brands and their smartphones in reality have no reason to be as expensive as they are, but as Apple kept pushing the boundaries, and Samsung decided to chime in and then, wait for it, gosh even Huawei, it became the norm and voila, there you have it. The truth is, in this day and age, if your smartphone is getting your job done seamlessly, you don’t need to buy the most expensive one at all, but trust me, you should still want to buy the latest and greatest!